Imagine sitting before the expanse of the ocean, having pita bread laced with some tzatziki, sipping some chilled Ouzo, watching the sun go down! That’s any ordinary day in the beautiful island of Mykonos.

Getting Here

One can reach Mykonos in several ways from Athens. To make the most of our time, we chose the Blue Star Ferries, departing from Athens at 7:30 AM.  After about 6 hours, a couple of hot chocolates, crisps and two brief stops at Tinos and Syros, we were welcomed by our hotel staff at the beautiful island. We chose to stay at the beautiful Alkyon villa, which was at pebbles throw distance from the city centre, with a promising balcony.

Famished, after a long journey, we set out to explore the town of Mykonos. Mykonos is all that you expect of a quintessential Greek town; sparkling water in the several hues of blue, cobbled streets, whitewashed houses with blue bay windows and bougainvillea trees in purple bloom. We crossed the Matoyanni Street, which is lined with some noted stores, charming cafés and nifty restaurants. The core of Mykonos is like a maze, apparently designed to wade off invaders, and which, till date, manages to confuse visitors as one must get lost in Mykonos at least once, subject of course to how ‘spiritual’ one got here! After a quick meal of Gyros at a local eatery, we headed back to our Villa for some snooze, looking forward to an evening at the party capital of Greece.

We rented ATVs from a close-by rental store and then set out for the evening that was ever so young. We went to the paradise beach and the expanse of the beach had several parallel parties happening. So we started with the Tropicana club and then hopped to the other. The crowd was great, but unfortunately not as packed as I had imagined it to be, for it was a Sunday and most people were probably still nursing there hangovers from the night before. We were almost shocked to hear the DJ play ‘Lungi Dance’ and the “Naagin’ tracks at the Club. We danced along the night, got psychedelic glow in the dark paints on our face, rode on a deserted hill leading to the super-paradise beach, almost got mugged ( only in my head), got lost (of course !! what were we thinking, we were in mykonos!) and after a crazy/super-mast night, crashed close only to the break of the day!


After a late breakfast with a  great view, we set out on our ATVs  towards the peaceful, non commercial Agios Sostis beach. The ride to the beach was very scenic. At Agios Sostis, we were welcomed by this cosy little tavern called the Kiki tavern. Don’t judge this place by the name, this is a place where your gastronomical experiences come true. At the Tavern, food is grilled in the open on a charcoal barbecue for the lack of electricity and no, we were not complaining as the intoxicating smell of the pork ribs chargrilled on the barbecue, with the sweet summer smell of the ocean brings back memories that makes me go back there right now!! This little tavern had a long waiting and lots of people had landed up at the place, expectedly and almost rudely( us included) waiting for the others to get done and to find a way in. Waiting for our turn, the owner served us some rose’ wine, on the house!


After waiting for about 40 minutes, we were led to our table. We chose a salad plate, where we got to pick from a salad bar with a wide variety! The pork ribs in the tangy sauce was yummy to the bone! It was undoubtedly the best food I had on the island.

After a sumptuous meal, we hit the beach and snoozed for a bit while getting an overpriced, undeserving and a touristy massage. The light drizzle rudely woke us up and we ran back to our ATV and set back to our abode on the Island.


After a dip in the pool overlooking the ocean, we walked the blocks and reached Little Venice for the view of the sunset, amidst hundreds of other tourists. This neighborhood is replete with elegant and gorgeous old houses and bars that are situated precariously on the edge of the sea, making it, beyond a doubt, one of the most romantic place on the island. Five windmills stand at the top of the town overlooking Little Venice. These windmills, must definitely have been a brilliant business idea, possibly churning ground grains in minutes, for the wind on this island can truly blow you away. (warning: MUST carry warms!!) Witnessing the sunset through the blades overlooking the wide expanse of the Aegean Sea was remarkable. If you enjoy the hustle-bustle, then its advisable that you reserve a place in one of the many chic bars at the Little Venice, ahead of the sunset, as it tends to get very very busy here. Else, sit atop one of the quiet rocks on the other side of the windmills and enjoy the crimson sky.

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The rest of the evening was very relaxed where we hopped across several pubs with local music-with tourists tapping their feet to it. The city is beyond a doubt pricey and a single martini could cost you a steep 15 Euros. So pre-gaming is the key, unless you won a lottery! We wandered on the island, getting lost several times, finding ourselves amidst a crowd which was on an AutoParty mode, unaware of the economy crash, being a part of Greece’ most cosmopolitan streets, leading,  although only momentarily, the good mediterranean life!