Slovenia has gained a spot on the tourist map in the past few years and for very good reasons. Despite being a place of interest, it still retains its natural beauty and is very tourist friendly. People are extremely chatty and helpful and mostly understand English. Even if they don’t, they take the effort to help you through sign language or by asking a fellow Slovenian to assist.

Slovenia, credit to its location, has a mixed cuisine pot. Although there are quite a few dishes which are local to its origin, however, food here remains heavily influenced by its neighboring regions. Vegetarian options are easily available although meat especially beef, pork and fish remains staple.

The weather in June is very moody and English (countryside) like, with showers and bright sunshine playing hide and seek. It is prudent to carry an umbrella or a wind cheater if visiting in June. Evenings are always pleasant and a light jacket may be required.

For our internal travel, we stuck to transportation by bus, which was very reliable and tickets were easily available. The rail routes and car rentals also seemed quite straight forward . The currency accepted here is Euro.

Slovenia easily deserves a week or more. We were unfortunately here only for 4 nights and would have loved to stay longer. An ideal itinerary for Slovenia would be:

Day 1-2: Land in and relax at Ljubljana

Day 3: day trip to lake bled

Day 4-5: Triglav national park if you are a hiker, else you could do the vintagar gorge from bled. There are also amazing Rafting, sky diving, canyoning and other adventure sport options available in this region.

Day 6-7: Bohinj

Day 8-9: Piran

Day 10: Fly out of Ljubljana.


Vessel potovanje!!