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Greece- Of Sunsets, Babaganoush and Metaxa!

Greece Part Four: Santorini

IMG_1015Santorini is undeniably one of the most romantic spots in the Island and strolling through its streets is like shuffling through postcards, one after the other, where the desire to capture it through your camera lens is irresistible.  Any picture you take is a guaranteed master shot, for its very hard to not capture beauty which lay before you in the most obvious and unassuming way! We had a stretch of time but from the very moment of docking till our final goodbyes, our time spent here was nothing short of a fairytale!

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Greece Part Three: Mykonos

Imagine sitting before the expanse of the ocean, having pita bread laced with some tzatziki, sipping some chilled Ouzo, watching the sun go down! That’s any ordinary day in the beautiful island of Mykonos.

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Greece Part Two: Athens

So several people who had travelled to Greece prior to us, had recommended, either only a few hours, or a day at the most in Athens- a city, which was now ‘ruined‘, full of tourist traps and dirty! But, thanks to the horrible picture canvassed in our minds, our expectations which were quite low, were more than met and we had quite a lovely time here!

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Greece Part One: Meteora

Greece attracts herds of tourists in the months of June-July. But if you plan a trip in the early week of June, you may meet lesser traffic. In my very brief trip of a week, I could only cover Meteora, Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. This was obviously rushed and if you wish to really enjoy the place, do this in about ten days.

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