Memoirs of a Traveholic




According to me, Slovakia is the most underrated tourist destination. So much so that there own Travel Slogan is ‘Little Big Country’- Confused Eh? Even the visa officer in New Delhi was very nonplus about our decision to visit the country and confirmed twice with us if we were at the right embassy. But, it not being on the touristy map is no reflection of the beauty of the place.

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Bratislava is like Tyrion Lannister from Game of thrones, small, often confused with being less grand, but in truth, a stocky package with great taste for wine and beer, love for some happening parties, abode to a grand castle and home to everything that adds up to a good toast to life.

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Banska Stiavnca 

After a thrilling hike up the High Tatras, our next destination was the quaint and the beautiful town (I would ideally call it a country side) of Banska Stiavnica.

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Kosice and Spi castle

Kosice is the second biggest city (with a LARGE population of 2.5 Lakh people) and also is the commercial capital of the country. Despite being so crucial on the Slovakia map, Kosice is a small little dreamy town, which all in all, can be covered in a day.

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