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Mt. Cook

Guest Post by Nikhil Singhvi

After the fantastic experience at Queenstown and Milford Sound, we drove to Twizel to get to Mt. Cook National Park. Mt. Cook or Aoraki (maori Name) is the highest peak in NZ towering at just about 3700 mtrs, with various surrounding peaks of similar heights forming a part of the Southern Alps. The entire alpine area is known for its incredible glaciers and the prominent ones include Franz Josef, Fox Glacier, Tasman Glacier and Hooker (ahem ahem) Glacier .

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Nelson is a small but dynamic town¬†with an upbeat atmosphere. It is fondly referred to as ‘ the craft brewery capital of NZ’ or its art-hub and it surely lives up to its names and has loads to offer.¬† Continue reading “Nelson”


Marlborough- a region that has become quite a celebrated venue for winemakers, especially its Savignon Blanc, has gorgeous wineries rolling on hillocks, offering great flavour to the eye and the palette- need I have a better reason to visit Blenheim?

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Kaikoura is a gorgeous beach town nestled on the North east coast of the Southern Island. Kissed by the Pacific Ocean, the drive itself to Kaikoura is reason good enough to visit the town. The promenade is lined with maroon-washed bottle guard trees which bears a striking contrast to the pristine blue of the water.

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New Zealand

Kia Ora!

I have never not-looked forward to writing a blog after visiting a place, as I have for New Zealand! And that’s only because it symbolises that my time in NZ is up and that is mighty depressing!

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As our flight drew close towards Queenstown, hundreds of clouds floated around us like balloons suspended in the sky- outlining the panoramic views of Mt. Cook and Lake Pukaki in the Tasman region. It was a gorgeous sunny day- a sight uncommon to the island, which purportedly receives rain over 300 days a year.

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Golden Ring- Yaroslavl

Over the days that preceded our trip to Russia, I had wrecked my brain into planning a perfect trip. For some reason, the websites indicated that a day in Yaroslavl was enough on the Golden Ring tour, believing which was my biggest mistake.

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The Golden Ring- Suzdal

The Golden ring is a ring of cities near Moscow. They are appropriately referred to as ‘open air museums’, with beautiful Russian architecture, cathedrals and Kremlins. Suzdal and Yaroslavl are true gems of the Golden Ring and are easily connected to each other by bus, car or train. Both the cities deserve two days each at the very least. Having visited these places, I am shocked by the number of tour companies who try and finish all of the cities in golden ring in 3-5 days! Yaroslavl especially deserves at least 2 days!

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Moscow, once the seat of the Russian czars, proudly wears its tiara of onion domes, armed with intimidating buildings, dressed in varied colours of pastels- marching on a strong foothold in history. It has a story to tell- of its captures and horrified tortures, of autocracy and then its transformation into a powerful democracy (or whatever version of it exists as of today) and of still keeping true to its basic communist nature. Every little detail of the city is symmetrically aligned, which can be noticed in the layers of manicured trees planted accurately on either side of the road or even a monument – as if like obedient soldiers aline on a command. But the symmetry feels very organic to its design and surrounding.

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