Memoirs of a Traveholic


Moscow, once the seat of the Russian czars, proudly wears its tiara of onion domes, armed with intimidating buildings, dressed in varied colours of pastels- marching on a strong foothold in history. It has a story to tell- of its captures and horrified tortures, of autocracy and then its transformation into a powerful democracy (or whatever version of it exists as of today) and of still keeping true to its basic communist nature. Every little detail of the city is symmetrically aligned, which can be noticed in the layers of manicured trees planted accurately on either side of the road or even a monument – as if like obedient soldiers aline on a command. But the symmetry feels very organic to its design and surrounding.

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I have to admit, that unlike any of my earlier travels, I was quite nervous about my trip to Russia. Despite minutely planning every little detail (yes, I am a control freak!), I was unsure of how the trip will turn out to be, thanks to the media playing Russia out as the antithesis to a travel paradise, also there had been a blast in St. Petersburg and Moscow just days before our travel, and the language barrier seemed pretty large!

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Hvar is Croatia’s response to Greece’s Santorini & Mykonos, and to the French riviera. It is a super fun destination, which is best experienced during the weekends, which livens up, as the streets bustle with the upbeat energized crowd.

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Dubrovnik is a poet’s inspiration. It is the legend that makes authors want to make it their ‘Kings Landing’. The vibe of the place is hard to describe. This is my frugal attempt.

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The Land of the Crescent Moon

(The display picture is downloaded from the internet and is not taken by me)

Turkey, a Mediterranean delight, breaks from the cliche of being an Islamic State and bears a strong influence of European culture. It is truly a bridge between Asia and Europe. A perfect blend of modern ideology, Turkey preserves and keeps alive with the local heritage and values.

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A day in Split

Split, is a fortified city with the Diocletian Palace being its nucleus. What was once a grand retirement palace of a Roman Emperor, has now translated into lanes of make-shift ice-cream shops, residential quarters, boutiques and cafes. Yet the walk within the fortified palace satiates the intrigue  and reflects the old world charm.

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Roopkund Trek

I have always been fascinated with mountains; its grandeur, mightiness and its strength. It reminds me of how insignificant I stand, in its outreaching and intimidating vastness.  Having done a few day-treks and hikes, I was thrilled to finally go on my very first mountain trek to Roopkund, set in the beautiful region of Garhwal in the state of Uttarakhand. The trek was my chosen birthday gift to self, joined by four of my closest friends, who had graciously agreed to bear the harsh with me.

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As the bus approached the gorgeous border of Istria, the very sight of the endless rows of sun-kissed grapevine, the big blue burst of cotton balls floating in the sky and the sultry smell of the sea, filled us with excitement. The five and a half hour bus journey from Ljubljana was soon forgotten, as we docked into the beautiful country of Croatia.

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The Land of Sunshine!

A gem in the Adriatic, with sapphires and emeralds crafted in waves, crimson roof tops and the valleys singing the lavender lull. Croatia is a symbiotic experience of succulent delicacies and sunny pebble beaches. Small dreamy towns in Croatia feel like entries from a fairy tale. The pictures don’t justify its beauty, words don’t either. This is just an attempt to come close.

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